The Day I Got A Job

So turns out nerdlettes, I tricked someone into hiring me as a blogger! Haha, little do they know..

Just kidding, sort of. I really did get a job. As a blogger. Thank You, thank you. To celebrate I am going to get real freaky enjoy myself in a responsible manner. Here are a few things I picked up while all that was going on.

AMOSE in Istanbul

More more to come.

I don’t know if I have told you guys before… but Fall is my favorite season. The long sleeves (the long T is by far my best look, by far), cool winds, my Birthday (23 -__-), Thanksgiving, all dat turkey, and of course- pumpkins.

And finally, a link to the place I will be working. Neatorama! No worries, I will still be updating here about as much as I do now- on my free time.

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