C215 In Jail………. ………….Sorta / Not Really

Psych ..? C215 opened up a gallery in a jail, in Portugal. Apparently the internet was aflame when people were finding “C215 in jail at Lagos (PT)” everywhere. More on this after the break

Found on Stencil History X

Translated graciously by the kind people at <Google Chrome eTranslator> .

Yesterday, users and users of social networks have panicked before the word “C215 in jail at Lagos (PT)” on the wall of the artist. Finally, no need to worry, however. It is an artistic residence in a former prison located in Lagos, Portugal, closed since 1 October 1972. Since that time, the prison was transformed into welcoming home of African immigrants. C215 is therefore reveal a wallpainting in a former prison cell in the ARTUR project . This is reminiscent of a series of paintings he made ​​in 2009 alongside artists Bruno Leyval and DAN23 in a disused police station in Bristol, Great Britain ( back in the past ).

A few days before, C215 Tudela in Spain was to make a large mural in the city. The artist is not ready to stop!

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