Know Hope – Known Gallery

I know I didn’t get to make it to the opening, I was as disappointed as you guys. But I did make it eventually to the Know Hope show titled The Weight here in Los Angeles.

I picked up the booklette that went along with the show and I have quoted it after the break. Enjoy.

Portraying ‘The Weight’ in both a visual and symbolic nature, this exhibition observes on the various interpretations of what weighs down on us, collectively speaking.

Know Hope has recently been using the image of the flag in his work, attempting to look into the idea of patriotism- not necessarily from the directly-political aspect, but by focusing on the minor human situations that compose this larger issue.

The artist conducts this research from a standing point of aiming to understand how patriotism works; as an emotional mechanism, hoping to show the indifference between the personal and the political.

Another primary concept portrayed in Know Hope’s work is the idea of ‘The Missings’, the empty space which he sees as a common denominator. The artist believes that there is a collective longing that exists in subjective manners that we seek to fill, more specifically in this case by patriotism.

You can read the rest on the image I have of the booklette or at the Known Gallery website.  Below- the gallery. Update – Things may have gotten uploaded twice. The uploader was giving me grief.

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