UK Street Art Reviews: Sticker Monsters Bomb

 Review: Stickerbomb Monsters

Stickerbomb Monsters is the brand new book from The SRK, the latest in the Stickerbomb series and the guys were kind enough to send us a copy to review.

The book is chock-full of weird and wonderful creatures realised in sticker form, 250 to be exact. Designed by a number of current illustrators, street artists, and cartoonists including Vladimir Stankovic, Alex Young, Iain Burke, Johnny Ryan, Ronzo the pieces cover a variety of monsters ranging from zombies and ghosts to spaghetti monsters and love bugs.

This book is another gem for any fan of illustration and stickers from some of the finest artist in the world. Stickers are an essential part of the street art movement, they allow artists to promote themselves quickly and easily in an inexpensive artform.

Read the full review here. Images too. 

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