Empty Promises

Guys I know there have been a lot of things thrown around on here, lot’s of promises. Well things are going to change. More posts, yet less.

I tried the updating every hour thing, shorter posts. But the traffic wasn’t what I expected and honestly that is not how I want to run the blog. So I have been doing a little bit of soul searching, considered shutting down the blog. The street art scene in LA is everything I thought it would be, and more, but not in all good ways. The more I see the more I understand what Banksy may have been trying to say- not everyone should “do” street art. It is cheap here, not as important or ground breaking as it was when I was in Barcelona or Pittsburgh. Also working lot’s of overtime lately to make ends meet.

It sort of reminds me of the Warhol / Obey dilemma. The repetitiveness of it all got to me, instead of giving things power – it lost it’s magic. LA can do that to you. A prime example (besides the obvious Mr Brainwash)? Bankrupt Slut.  To me, this “artist” entails everything I find morose about some of the street art here. The art is cheapened, meaningless, without a message, repetitive and the vehicle to a quick buck. Shame on you!

Bit I will not give up! I will never surrender. So starting in the new year and over a holiday, I will start posting again more regularly. This time around though, we are going back to longer more thought out posts. I post this in haste right now because I just want to keep all ye faithful updated. I will be back, and with vengeance. No more broken promises, I mean it this time.

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