5 Things You Need to be a Street Artist

The following list is a conglomeration of things you need in order to be a successful street artist. This list isn’t final, it isn’t official, and for many people it may not even be accurate. But hey, it’s fun to think about these things, right?


1. Have A Message

What is it you want to put out there, what do you have the imperative need to tell people? Think long and hard about it because it needs to be something you are willing to risk safety and security for. Telling people just how mad you are about being broke doesn’t count. Street art, essentially, is about becoming a voice of and to the community. It’s direct and yet personal, so you better have something worthwhile to say.

2. Personality

Art is such a vague and mysterious term that it’s definition implies variety. It’s about telling your message on your terms. Just because Banksy is your favorite artist and Banksy does stencils doesn’t mean you have to do stencils. Maybe you have always been a miniature painter, as a kid you loved to paint those little models. Well then go out and try an emulate someone more like Slinkachu. Be true to yourself and your creative process, not someone entirely.

3. Drive and Boundaries

First you need to drive, are you willing to wake up at 3 am just to put a sticker on a telephone pole? Are you willing to take the 4a Bus to the other side of town to drop that instillation? If you want to make a name for yourself then you better. But before you do any of that, I recommend you predetermine your boundaries. This is vandalism, there will be adrenaline and nerves involved, it’s much better to think about these sorts of things ahead of time. What sorts of things are you okay posting on? Are you really alright with vandalizing a privately owned business? Or maybe just public fixtures like mailboxes or street signs. Will you drop something with people around or do you prefer it to be solitary. It helps, trust me, to define these things for yourself ahead of time.

4. Thick Skin

Not everyone likes street art, not everyone will like what you put up. Most people will ignore you, some will tell you how much they hate it to your face. Such is life. Move on

5. A Critical Eye

This I post in hesitation. Don’t be a troll per say, but be aware that not every artist is out there to better the community. Some people just want to make money, capitalize on a movement, and become popular. Being popular shouldn’t be your end goal here, not as an artist of any kind. Your goal is to express yourself. To inform others and their opinions.

If you have all of these things, then hey you are on the right track. A for Effort. What are your thoughts people on the list? What would you add what would you subtract?

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