Updates from Ives + Base Elements Gallery

Hey guys I am back… for good.. with daily updates. Life post-college has not been the sweet sweet nectar I thought it would be- quite the opposite actually. It seems every peak is only a precursor to a new and ultimate valley- but I have faith in the world. As in every good story, the harder the struggle the greater the journey and I am in it for the journey.

So here is the deal, more posts, more videos, more galleries, more everything. But I need your help, I need you to do one thing for me- share me with your friends and comment. Okay so I lied- it’s two things, but I can only get better with feedback. Even if all you want to tell me is how miserable the last post was, or how much you disagree with me on my views, I am fine with that. Criticism is what I am looking for here.

So enjoy your day, read some stuff, share, and check out these sick photos from my favorite gallery in Barcelona – Base Elements. Below the break.





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One response to “Updates from Ives + Base Elements Gallery

  1. Nice!!!…..These originals on paper are from the catalan ,Griffiti artist Kram! And can been seen on the walls of barcelona…Thanks for the blog Post !..Director,.Baseelements…robert

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