Pasha 183 -The “Russian Banksy”- is Dead at 28

Before I start this, I just want to say NO ONE should be knows as The ____ Banksy. Not The New Banksy, not The Gay Banksy, not The American Banksy. Not only is it demeaning to Banksy- saying someone can reproduce what he has done for street art- but it’s a misrepresentation of any artist.

Every artist has their own message, own voice and to say you are the Russian version of another voice is a cop out. It’s lazy. By saying that you voice yourself of all responsibility of understanding who an artist is, or in this case, was. Yes he got the nickname for being brilliant, but don’t patronize him as an artist.

With that out of the way, the street artist known as Pasha 183 is dead. 28 years old and dead. No details have been released about his death.

Probably one of his more famous pieces below.


You can find more images here. Buzzfeed.  The news is circulating the web, at MSN and originally reported at Lenta.Ru

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