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Bandit Wards Off Street Art Piracy While Committing Street Art Piracy


In Los Angeles street art piracy is rampant. People steal, counterfeit, and straight up copy other artists all just to make some noise. Bandit decided it would be a good idea to post about this, while doing it himself.

How did he do this? By posting in a very famous spot used by Blek le Rat. The fact that there is art there and it is not Blek’s is sort of piracy in its own right. The question is, is this on purpose sort of doubly pointing out the hypocrisy of street art in LA or is it just another attention grab?

Tough call.




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Runyon Canyon Graffiti at Sunset

Some new photos for you guys after a nice walk about. Remember.. part of the new deal, I post more – you share more! Got it?

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Stylus + Wooster

The video is from Urban Projects and was found on Wooster Collective. Congratulations to Wooster and 10 great years of blogging. May there be 10 more.

-Via Wooster

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Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?

Cat Cult

A very interesting piece on Melrose and Fairfax about two LA products, Cat Cult and Odd Future. Originally written in LA Weekly, Cat Cult sent a cease and-desist letter to the popular group Odd Future for using their art.

Pictured above the lead artist, Tyler the Creator, wore this  t-shirt in a music video which many people thought naturally was the Cat Cult symbol~ a big deal in the Los Angeles area. But Cat Cult doesn’t sell t-shirts and thus sent the cease-and-desist letter. The letter was promptly ignored.

What do you guys thing? Beyond that, does the nature of street art change the idea of image rights / intellectual property?

I think this would be fine as long as Odd Future followed a few basic conditions. Tylor would have to either have made the t-shirt himself or have a friend make it, the group would acknowledged Cat Cult, and they must have had no plans to sell it for merchandising.  Without acknowledgement of Cat Cult, I am not sure if any of those are being followed. Link below and if you don’t know Odd Future a music video to boot.

MELROSEandFAIRFAX: Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?

via Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?.

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5 Things You Need to be a Street Artist

The following list is a conglomeration of things you need in order to be a successful street artist. This list isn’t final, it isn’t official, and for many people it may not even be accurate. But hey, it’s fun to think about these things, right?


1. Have A Message

What is it you want to put out there, what do you have the imperative need to tell people? Think long and hard about it because it needs to be something you are willing to risk safety and security for. Telling people just how mad you are about being broke doesn’t count. Street art, essentially, is about becoming a voice of and to the community. It’s direct and yet personal, so you better have something worthwhile to say.

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Empty Promises

Guys I know there have been a lot of things thrown around on here, lot’s of promises. Well things are going to change. More posts, yet less.

I tried the updating every hour thing, shorter posts. But the traffic wasn’t what I expected and honestly that is not how I want to run the blog. So I have been doing a little bit of soul searching, considered shutting down the blog. The street art scene in LA is everything I thought it would be, and more, but not in all good ways. The more I see the more I understand what Banksy may have been trying to say- not everyone should “do” street art. It is cheap here, not as important or ground breaking as it was when I was in Barcelona or Pittsburgh. Also working lot’s of overtime lately to make ends meet.

It sort of reminds me of the Warhol / Obey dilemma. The repetitiveness of it all got to me, instead of giving things power – it lost it’s magic. LA can do that to you. A prime example (besides the obvious Mr Brainwash)? Bankrupt Slut.  To me, this “artist” entails everything I find morose about some of the street art here. The art is cheapened, meaningless, without a message, repetitive and the vehicle to a quick buck. Shame on you!

Bit I will not give up! I will never surrender. So starting in the new year and over a holiday, I will start posting again more regularly. This time around though, we are going back to longer more thought out posts. I post this in haste right now because I just want to keep all ye faithful updated. I will be back, and with vengeance. No more broken promises, I mean it this time.

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Monkey’n Around

A mural in Venice Beach from Isabelle Alford Lago featuring some styling monkeys ‘Monkey’n Around’.


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