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Found on Craigslist

So I found this on craigslist. Thought I would share.

Scott has been a great friend to me over the last few years but as I am moving out to a new city.. I cannot bring him with me. It truly breaks my heart. Yes he is a walrus, but he is really no bigger then any average dog.
If you have any questions about him.. or want to know more email me. Attached is a picture and below are a list of likes and dislikes.

Scott Likes
Being a couch potato
Bath Time
Nap Time
Lap Time
Food Time
A good ol’ jack and coke at the end of a long hard day (sometimes he earns it.. but sometimes he just straight steals it. Watch out for that)

Scott Dislikes
Other Painted Walruses…. don’t ask but he can’t even be in the same room with one or he will throw a fit!
Being left upside-down. He will stay in that position all day just to spite you for doing it.
Electrical sockets. Well let me take that back, really he loves them. It is the sockets that don’t like him. If you are serious about keeping him make sure you get them all raised to at least waist high so he can’t lick them.
Bull in a china shop references. He feels that somehow it is a reference to his weight.
On that note- don’t ever. ever. call him fat to his face. That’s how we lost Gam Gam.

Anyway. Serious adopters only!

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Toaster Man

So I have seen this guy around where I live in Oakland (Pa) and I took a picture yesterday while on a jog. Yes .. a jog. You should try it sometime fatass loyal reader.

I call him Toaster Man cause it looks like a toaster.. kind of.

If you have any information on this guy. let me know.

OH AND IF YOU  WANT TO SEE THE COOLEST THING EVER>> Check Out the developing story in out PRESS section… really you should. Its up at the top.. and I just provided a link.

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Preview to the Weekend

I will have more stuff up later, maybe tomorrow. But here is a sample of what I did this weekend.. Stay tuned nerds.

If you are to lazy to zoom in… it reads “I’d rather be born to stand out, than dying to fit in.”


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Ives vs D4CKS

So today marks the day that I, Ives, will be taking on the infamous (well if you are from Pittsburgh at least- and aware of these things) graffiti tagger D4CKS. More on this after the break

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Image Dump – Pittsburgh

So far, not so good with the New Years resolution on blogging.. but I have faith I will pick it up. I think it just has to do with all the new stuff going on in my life right now – need to get in rythm.

Anyway here is a bunch of pictures I took while being out and about in Pittsburgh, a tagger (explain later), and two VNA magazines I got in the mail!

Tagger stuff in a different post later. Also the brown building with the Chinese writing is where my internship is located- be jealous. Be very jealous.

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