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Found in LA

Found in LA


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December 4, 2012 · 7:19 am

Fishes Found In Brooklyn


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Oh the Irony

Brilliant. Found on Melrose and Fairfax 

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Black Circle Festival 2012

black-circle-festival-2012 | ukraine

Check out more images from the Festival. 

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John Baldessari

This is John Baldessari’s website. It is rather cool.

These are some pictures of John Baldessari’s work.

See what I did there with the language and what-not?

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That New New

In case you guys hadn’t noticed but we now have our own domain and are no longer a site. Hurray !

The new site is but if you go to you will still find your way here. Besides that we also have been doing a bit of spring cleaning that includes new custom CSS that allowed me to make the blog a bit bigger, both in digital storage space and literally a 1000 pixels wide now. I also finally got around to setting up a gmail account and link it to the website ( so anyone reading this feel free to email me ideas you come up with, questions, or if you would like to share anything with the blog in general.

Oh and we have a new fancy pants paypal donate button. I am not going to be pushing this much.. telling you guys to donate or anything. But it will be there, just so you know.

I also am excited to announce that I will be having an announcement shortly of a new major project coming up that I am very excited about. Yes I know how much of a teaser that is, an announcement of an announcement but believe me when I tell you it will be worth the wait.

Anyway. Here is some music and art to get you to the same level of pumped-up-ness as I am.

I find this somewhat hilarious simply because of the multiple levels of irony. One he is possibly making fun of the recent addiction of marketing companies hiring street artists for marketing campaigns, two he is probably also actually looking for work in that marketing field, and three I am currently unemployed and also looking for work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Found on Craigslist

So I found this on craigslist. Thought I would share.

Scott has been a great friend to me over the last few years but as I am moving out to a new city.. I cannot bring him with me. It truly breaks my heart. Yes he is a walrus, but he is really no bigger then any average dog.
If you have any questions about him.. or want to know more email me. Attached is a picture and below are a list of likes and dislikes.

Scott Likes
Being a couch potato
Bath Time
Nap Time
Lap Time
Food Time
A good ol’ jack and coke at the end of a long hard day (sometimes he earns it.. but sometimes he just straight steals it. Watch out for that)

Scott Dislikes
Other Painted Walruses…. don’t ask but he can’t even be in the same room with one or he will throw a fit!
Being left upside-down. He will stay in that position all day just to spite you for doing it.
Electrical sockets. Well let me take that back, really he loves them. It is the sockets that don’t like him. If you are serious about keeping him make sure you get them all raised to at least waist high so he can’t lick them.
Bull in a china shop references. He feels that somehow it is a reference to his weight.
On that note- don’t ever. ever. call him fat to his face. That’s how we lost Gam Gam.

Anyway. Serious adopters only!

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