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Stop —— And Think


Found in Barcelona on Global Graphica. Barcelona will always be a special place to me..

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Pez in Columbia

Barcelona Street Artist Pez makes it to Columbia in this weeks (Monday) episode.

For those of you that have been following me since the beginning, it is probably no news that I love Barcelona. To those of you who were unaware- just know this blog was born while I lived in Barcelona for 5 months over (eeek) a year and a half ago. Pez was all over the place while I was there, almost bought some of his stuff, except as a poor college students it is hard to swing a few hundred euro for a postcard sized art work.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

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So a bunch of things for you guys to look over.
First, if you must buy me a lamp or light fixture for Christmas..

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Stinkfish in Barcelona!

I have literally been standing in the exact sport where this picture was taken!  No big deal or anything : P

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In my trips abroad -okay, stop. I am sick of saying my trips abroad in such a vague mannerism. I was in Barcelona, and yes it was awesome.

Anyway, while in Barcelona I got a chance to check out a few graffiti stores and toy collectible shops. They were selling suckadelic cards at one of the stores and I thought it would be neat the check them out. Here is my favorite one.

Also, sick of saying hope you enjoy. You freaking better enjoy.

Just kidding, much love.

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Is it obvious? Part 3

You should really be read the previous few posts in order to see this in action, but I liked the effects I got on it so I thought I would put it up.

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