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Made in China

    So I cannot be sure of the exact subject of this piece, but I can make a pretty good guess. If you want to talk about politically charged street art, exhibit A. I would say this most likely has to do with the child limit laws in China that only allow family’s to have only 1 child. Because of this, girls that are born to struggling family’s are often considered a burden and worthless because they will not be able to provide to the family like a young boy can (child labor, ect). According to wikipedia  “A spokesperson of the Committee on the One-Child Policy has said that approximately 35.9% of China’s population is currently subject to the one-child restriction.” So of the 1,339,724,852 people living in china, that’s %19 of the world mind you, about %35 of them are allowed just one child.

To me this poster is about that %35 percent taking responsibility for the children they bring into this world. Can you blame them for being putt in a society where men are valued more, and parents become dependent on their children to live? I cannot. But where I take issue are the stories you hear of dumpster babies, or infant murders because of this. To me, this peace hits home on one of the principals of street art and art in general. Traditional art used to be the most powerful medium of artistic expression and societal criticism. Well street art has now taken that torch, and pieces like this remind me why.


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Featured Artist: Shok1 in China

Brilliant, and here is his website (a bit out dated)


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