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Someone Get Me Some Paint

Like Right Now. I don’t think I have ever seen two gallery openings that have made me want to get up and paint as much at these two (both at home and… outside). Check them out, I after the (double!) break.


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Featured Artist: Daniel Anguilu

So I wanted to bring an artist that went through a metamorphosis so we could create a conversation about artistic growth.

The artist we have today is Daniel Anguilu, he started as a graffiti artist with the classic background in tagging trains and rail-yards. Here is a video of him talking about that experience, his evolution to a street artist and why he no longer considers himself a graffiti artist.

After the break we have a gallery of his along with some more discussion points.

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Pink Cloud

 Pink Cloud in Amsterdam. I have to admit I do not know much about this artist, if you guys do please comment. But after a quick search (although it’s not much) here are a few other works by the artist.   I don’t know what it is about this piece in particular but I just love it. The kid with his mask, his pose, lightning bolt T, shopping cart with tank treads; all of it together is so aesthetically and mentally pleasing that without saying much (other than ‘Hi’) the piece really has a playful nature. To me it seems almost to be a sort of venni vetti vichi piece. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I also wanted to make you guys aware there should be a new round of posts about my art coming up in the coming weeks / days. I am currently in the process of creating them and getting ready to put them up.

Also check out this sick website about street art and the war on terror.  Please adjust your screens for awesome.


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Featured Artist: Slinkachu

 Artist Slinkachu has gained much appraise and renown for his few books that he has released including Concrete Ocean.

What he does is he makes little miniature characters and sets them up in a scene in a public area and then will photograph it and leave it. It is sort of sad because the characters are so very small, and so very beautiful -it is not too long before they are surely destroyed. Here is a good youtube video to go with it and here is his personal blog. 


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Featured Artist: Aryz

Aryz is a creative and colorful street artist from Barcelona. Enjoy

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