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Lost/Lust In LA

So here are the beginning steps of the new project! Let me emphasize beginning.

My experience in LA has been an interesting one to this point. With any journey, there have been ups and downs. A lot of downs… feeling like a failure from time to time. Feeling alone and helpless from time to time. There have been ups too, don’t get me wrong, getting this job I have now being a major one. But there have been a lot of downs. Realizing you don’t know where you are going, if what you are doing is right. Realizing you left all of your friends and family behind. It’s easy to feel lost and I did. I do still now and then. Lost in a city filled with people trying to find themselves. Lost in a city of Lust.

Presenting- Lost and Lust in LA.

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More Being Busy

I guess they forget to tell you how much graduation sucks. Well not graduation.. but the moments and hours and days immediately following it. It is like finally realizing the impending doom that is post-college life.

I just got to Chicago where I will be for about a month, before moving to LA. I am busy, but in the next few days will start to get you guys all caught up. While you are waiting check out the new extended Prometheus trailer.

I normally hate blockbuster type films.. but this one gets me. I am in.

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Made a youtube video for you guys, ’cause of how good you are to me and all. Let me know what you think!

Its sort of a creation process video.

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Delayed I know but.. Gallery Hooray!

So here are some images from the initial opening of the gallery! I personally will not be able to be there (que sadness : /) but that shouldn’t stop you from going! It will be at Ground Floor Gallery 433 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213-624-3010). I am not sure how long it will run, maybe a few weeks but check check check it out while you can! Here are some images to wet your pallet. Maybe my personal pictures to follow in a few weeks (don’t want to ruin it for gallery goers).


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If Your In the Neighborhood

The neighborhood being Los Angeles- Check out the Groundfloor Gallery exhibit – My Secret Life.

Guess what? I am part of it! Opening reception this Wednesday, exhibit opening Thursday! I, unforgivably, will not be there : /

Other artists to include: Chase, DD$, Homo Riot, Kai, BAMP, Ives (Hey Thats mE!), LEBA, Smear, Sand One, Septerhead, Teacher, and Thank You X. 

Press Release attached, Ill give you guys images of what I submitted a little later next week.. don’t want to spoil it for those of you who make it out there!

Below the fold is an assortment of works by the artists mentioned.

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Gallery? Galllleeerryyy

So I have been doing muchisimo work in preparation for the gallery. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone going to the show, or anyone here but here are a few images of some of the things I am working on. None of the pieces are %100 done, and I don’t even show 1/2 of them (or the best ones imo) but I think it would be cool to get some feedback from you guys.

Check out the gallery. Oh and by the way we hit 10K independent views.

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Images For Your Scrimmages

Okay so I know the title to this post makes absolutely no sense.. I did it cause it rhymes and I like it. You will live, I’m sure.

So as I said yesterday I would have some new stuff up for you soon in terms of what I did this past week/weekend. Here you go guys, let me know what you think. One of them is a d4cks post, cause he wrote on a garage right next to where it is. Some of the photos are taken later or whatever.. and I saw megaman on a bus so I threw that in there. There will be a break after the gallery, check that out too.

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