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Lost/Lust In LA

So here are the beginning steps of the new project! Let me emphasize beginning.

My experience in LA has been an interesting one to this point. With any journey, there have been ups and downs. A lot of downs… feeling like a failure from time to time. Feeling alone and helpless from time to time. There have been ups too, don’t get me wrong, getting this job I have now being a major one. But there have been a lot of downs. Realizing you don’t know where you are going, if what you are doing is right. Realizing you left all of your friends and family behind. It’s easy to feel lost and I did. I do still now and then. Lost in a city filled with people trying to find themselves. Lost in a city of Lust.

Presenting- Lost and Lust in LA.

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Project Grody

Hey-ho guys. I know I know. This week has been a bit on the slow side but give me a break. New work and all.. but I made some stickers so check it out! Let me know what you think, should I post them? Where? I need ideas people!

I decided to go with the title Grody- is in this is a grody project. For those of you who don’t know, grody is slang for dirty/gross/rough/base sort of thing. Although, since it is slang it probably means different things to different people, I felt that would be a good title for my first LA project. I won’t be changing my artist name- this is just the name of this… “project”. Anywho.. Enjoy. BTW bonus points to the first who can accurately name where the quote is from and who said it. Well or at least, one of the people who said it.

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