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Macklemore Killin’ It Again

Same Love by Macklemore featuring Mary Lambert

Right on man. I may not be gay, but I believe you don’t need to be in order to agree that Human Rights are rights for all humans.

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Space Upgrade Celebration

Here we go guys, today is a special day. Today I decided, after months of deliberation, it is time for a space upgrade!

This means more videos, less links, more images and more content. Look for multiple daily updates. Oh and page jumps. I guess I could do that all along but I just discovered it.  Here to help us celebrate this new found glory, some music videos, new images, artists and so much more. Best post of my life, the return of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks (even though I despise myself while I am in there) has got me all amped up! So much more after the break.

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