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This is that new shit, and It don’t feel the same

That Universal Mind Control now move your behind. +1 to Slytherin for anyone who can tell me what that is from (and yes.. that was just a freaking harry potter referance  ’cause we are cool here like that).

I make this the title.. because really this post has sooo much pure awesomeness I can’t begin to describe how sweet it truly is.

Well start out with this not quiet as awesome but still awesome video. Herakut.. Morley.. Micheal Aaron Williams and Chuck to follow.

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New Morley and Holiday Ramblings of Stuff

Shine on by Morley and Gunemonster!


More after break

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Featured Artist: Michael Aaron Williams


Now I have known about Michael Aaron Williams for a while, and its rare that it would take me so long to blog about one of my favorite artists yet here we are.

He is a street artist and but really more of an instillation artist.

http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelaaronart#p/a/u/1/pFKiFbgcSgU  – Probably my favorite of his

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M28mNG6sw74 – His new work that prompted this post

http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelaaronart#p/u -His youtube channel

http://www.michaelaaronart.com/michaelaaronart.com/Home.html – His website

If you weren’t already inspired by street art, which would be shocking considering what you’re reading now, well shame on you and hopefully we have now cured you of that ailment. More artwork.

His bio via his website (warning: religious language to follow)

  I am an artist from Knoxville, TN and I have been changed by the love of God. I grew up in a Christian home my whole life but in high school I began to fall away from God. I found out that drugs and alcohol taste good and began to rebel from the Christian foundations of my childhood. It was in this rebellion that I became severely depressed to the point where I wanted to actually kill myself. So, I continued on this rebellion in high school until my junior year when I actually felt the presence of God for the first time. After that taste I could not go back to the rebellion of my former life. Ever since my taste of God and the love that he has continued to show me He has showed me who I really am.

God showed me that I was made to love on Him through the arts and music. When I got saved I began to create art and as I created art I have noticed that it brings me closer to Him and it allows God to minister to other people. It wasn’t until I came to know God that I was able to tap into the artistic gifts that he had placed inside of me. God has given me the ability and the creativity to create art and enjoy Him through it. It has also given me the ability to show God to people in a unique way. I believe that God will encounter people through my art on the streets and in the galleries.

Yes its a little bit on the devout christian side, which I am not a giant fan of. But hey, I still approve of the art and so I don’t let my own bias’s get in the way.

He has a lot of work up, so let me know which is your favorite!


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