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One photographer’s journey inside Iran – The Big Picture

-via One photographer’s journey inside Iran – The Big Picture – Boston.com.

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Conversation with JR

JR is one of my favorite photographers and artists ever since he won a TED award. Check out this super awesome interview with him.

Interview: Robert Wunsch
Video: Alex Schiller
A Highsnobiety.com Production

-Via Ulamonge

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Blog Highlight: A Walk With My Camera


Street Artist JR would be proud of one of my favorite blogs- A Walk With My Camera.  Photography in it’s own right can be a narrative tool just as any other art is. Because photography is such a small window into the reality of a world, the person looking through the lens often finds themselves faced with the idea that the images they shoot may not accurately reflect the reality of what they shoot. They are our guide into this new world, into this small little window of time. A true photographer is an artist at portraying and understanding the truth in their photographs.

This blog, I believe, does just that.

via  A Walk With My Camera.

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Power of Silver

I have always loved photography, I have taken classes, learned Photoshop, worked in an actual photolab. And I can tell you, althought digital photography is great- something magical happens when you enter a darkroom. Maybe I was just high on the smell of chemicals, but I will always look back fondly at my time developing negatives.

The guy in the video you are about to watch believes in this nostalgia so much that he sacrifices everything in the pursuit of a dream.


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Video Medio

Starry Night.. I bet it would be awesome on drugs.


Oh and Happy belated Freeeaaaaking Valentines Day. Warning.. if you are like me and just mentioning the words just make your heart hurt.. don’t click this sickening Link.


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