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Toaster Man

So I have seen this guy around where I live in Oakland (Pa) and I took a picture yesterday while on a jog. Yes .. a jog. You should try it sometime fatass loyal reader.

I call him Toaster Man cause it looks like a toaster.. kind of.

If you have any information on this guy. let me know.

OH AND IF YOU  WANT TO SEE THE COOLEST THING EVER>> Check Out the developing story in out PRESS section… really you should. Its up at the top.. and I just provided a link.

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Ives vs D4CKS

So today marks the day that I, Ives, will be taking on the infamous (well if you are from Pittsburgh at least- and aware of these things) graffiti tagger D4CKS. More on this after the break

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An Adaptation

So I decided to make my own adaptation of the Love Poem I recently posted on here. Let me know what you guys think.

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