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Made a youtube video for you guys, ’cause of how good you are to me and all. Let me know what you think!

Its sort of a creation process video.

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Image Dump – Pittsburgh

So far, not so good with the New Years resolution on blogging.. but I have faith I will pick it up. I think it just has to do with all the new stuff going on in my life right now – need to get in rythm.

Anyway here is a bunch of pictures I took while being out and about in Pittsburgh, a tagger (explain later), and two VNA magazines I got in the mail!

Tagger stuff in a different post later. Also the brown building with the Chinese writing is where my internship is located- be jealous. Be very jealous.

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New Ives

Was it overly creative? No probably not. In fact it was pretty much a very simple idea. Take a push light, color it a bit, and put it in public.

But hey, I think it still has a chance to be being effective. Someone might just stumble upon it, and hopefully it will make their day, or drunken night or maybe just a smile. You can decide on that. But the inspiration behind it came from my own emotions. Sometimes the smallest, silliest little things can change your outlook on life, like suddenly feeling wanted by someone else, like a new love interest, like those three small evanescent words. I have been up, like way up, and I have been down… waaaay down. Just like I assume everyone else – because of their emotions.

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An Adaptation

So I decided to make my own adaptation of the Love Poem I recently posted on here. Let me know what you guys think.

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Found in Pittsburgh

People often don’t see the art around them. Here are two pictures I took this last week of some work around Pittsburgh.


What is interesting to me about the sign, is that it is surrounded by a blue back drop.. Yet it is in a red building. Interesting…

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Omg, Ives is so OP

Hey guys to here are some pictures of a piece I put up this morning. I have a rendition of an old lady, laying herself on an ironing board and getting ready to hold an iron to her face? Why would she do this? Well for beauty of course -she is old and wrinkly and needs to iron out her flaws like so many of us try to do.

Why do girls go to tanning booths when it is a proven fact that they cause skin cancer?

Why go to the gym and workout Only Biceps? (You know who you are.)

Why do old housewives get botox and shove plastic balloons into their breasts?

To make them look young and sexy obviously. We do all these atrocious things to our bodies for the sake of beauty and impress others. Why not do what the Mormons do and treat your body like a temple? That is what I find sexy. Show me someone who watches what they eat, is comfortable in their own body and free of vices like tanning and cigarettes (oh cause they are sooo cool) -and I will show you someone original and beautiful in their own right.

The quote at the bottom says “Ives is so OP”. If you can successfully tell me what this means, you will get a personalized card sent to you directly designed by me! (Totally free, no gimics or nonsense)

Oh and you guys are lucky to get this post, I was almost mauled by a giant rat/beaver hybrid rodent while putting this up. Scary stuff.

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So yes, I have been absent for a while. It was the 4th man, it took a lot out of me. Work and drinking… I didn’t really have time for much else. Except well, I did get a chance to put some stickers up.

The Rocketeer says “Dreamings not something we encourage here either, Howard. Reality, that’s what we’re all about. Reality; objective, empirical truths. That’s what’s on the exam papers.” It is a quote from a book I recently finished (Skippy Dies). Not only is it a great quote, but it is a great book. I take this quote as an idea that our education system is failing not because the teachers aren’t education us on important subjects well, but students aren’t bred to love learning as they should. Part of education should be up to the student, yes, but our culture needs to create a society where it is possible for kids to develop a love of learning. Well that’s just my 2 cents.

The second sticker is a poem and it reads “The art of losing isn’t hard to master; / so many things seem filled with the intent / to be lost that their loss is no disaster. ” One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop. Ill let you interpret that on your own, after finishing my Interpreting Poetry recently… I’ve written enough about the stuff for a while.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Also check out the Winnie has a Posse sticker, I just happened upon it and thought it was cool. Note* I put up a lot more stickers these are just the ones I remembered to take a picture of. Probably around 30 up or so.

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Beauty is a Beast

 So I decided to put up this piece today after my short hiatus to LA I am back in Pittsburgh. Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much (here is a song to cheer you up if you did, or if you didn’t -which would be messed up). Well here is a piece I did concerning natural beauty. In my escapades with women through my 4 years of college I have come to several conclusions. One that most sorority girls lack emotional depth and soon loose their charm when you realize they are borderline alcoholics.

The blackness that is their soul -no makeup or fake tan could cover up. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all sorority girls are like this or that they are the only ones (I hate sweeping generalizations) but the sort of attitude party all night, screw work or class.  I am sorry there is nothing wrong with loving to learn and being able to enjoy yourself at the same time. And yes I am saying loving to learn has something to do with having a soul.

While putting this up I almost did get into a bit of trouble, a cop walked right by. He didn’t even look at me, since paste-ups are relatively uncommon in Pittsburgh I don’t think what I was doing really registered with him. He just kept on walkin.

Also connected to the gallery are a few pictures of some homemade stickers Ill be putting up around town. If you have any questions on how to make them, I just used CVS bought shipping stickers and it was remarkably easy after that.

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  This past week I decided to make a few cartoonish characters that I happen to doodle from time to time. All of them are curiously unhappy and sickly looking.

The quote is one of my more favorite from Ender’s Game by Olsen Scott Card (probably my favorite book of all time – ever ever ever). I say more  favorite because I definitely have a few more. It reads

“Ill try” Carn Carby left, and Ender mentally added him to his private list of people who qualify as human beings.

I have been in those moments, and been in the opposite. A moment of judgement that allows you to mentally define a person, even if it may be wrong to judge them, because of their actions. A man named Michael Palladino and I have shared a moment like this -except he had a line drawn through his name, removing him from my list. Only he and I know the reasons why, but f*** you Palladino. You Bastard.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post -Ill be absent this weekend as I will be in California!  Yeah, I am pretty excited. Bringing some stickers with me and I will have some updates for you after the weekend.

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O Consumer, My Consumer



 I want to apologize for the image quality, I had to take it on my camera phone but hopefully you can make out some of the details. I also decided to go with a detached comic style Ives. Sure it is a lot bigger and stands out quiet a bit more, but I liked the aesthetics of it when I was messing around at home earlier so I thought I would give it a try. I actually wrote this on Pitt computer lab paper, and the first time I did it I realized I had gone over the part with my username in it.. that could potentially be bad. So I had to change it. 

 As far as the image goes, clearly an American Indian (which is actually the new PC term in case you were unaware) celebrating in an interesting manner. He has car doors, a Jesus cross, wrist bands, a Yankees headband and Nikes on. I wanted to use these items to try and create the mantra that is in the quote I used “Please Display Your Wealth”.

This piece sort of reminds me of that famous quote from fight club, how we use these items and consumer goods to show off our own egos. Why should a fresh pair of Nikes imply that you are in fact cool? Don’t get me wrong, I like Nikes to a certian degree, but this piece is really just a social commentary on how we us items to show off our progression and wealth in life. 

As I was walking around looking for places to put this up I was listening to Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch  (one of my favorite all time songs and one song that would be added to my Sound Track of Life) I came across a really beautiful scene. The picture doesn’t capture the sort of aura it had but hopefully you guys can enjoy it. 

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