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Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?

Cat Cult

A very interesting piece on Melrose and Fairfax about two LA products, Cat Cult and Odd Future. Originally written in LA Weekly, Cat Cult sent a cease and-desist letter to the popular group Odd Future for using their art.

Pictured above the lead artist, Tyler the Creator, wore this  t-shirt in a music video which many people thought naturally was the Cat Cult symbol~ a big deal in the Los Angeles area. But Cat Cult doesn’t sell t-shirts and thus sent the cease-and-desist letter. The letter was promptly ignored.

What do you guys thing? Beyond that, does the nature of street art change the idea of image rights / intellectual property?

I think this would be fine as long as Odd Future followed a few basic conditions. Tylor would have to either have made the t-shirt himself or have a friend make it, the group would acknowledged Cat Cult, and they must have had no plans to sell it for merchandising.  Without acknowledgement of Cat Cult, I am not sure if any of those are being followed. Link below and if you don’t know Odd Future a music video to boot.

MELROSEandFAIRFAX: Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?

via Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?.

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How to Feel Miserable As An Arist

Yes that about sums it up.

-Via Melrose & Fairfax

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Push Gallery


Pics of PUSH from his recent show at the Known Gallery. I had my own pictures.. because I was there..  but unfortunately when you try to sync your camera and your photo albums.. sometimes it goes from the album to the camera instead of the other way around.. So many pictures.. lost. Sucks. Anyway check out these photo’s from someone else. I was there somewhere.. oh well.

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