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Conversation with JR

JR is one of my favorite photographers and artists ever since he won a TED award. Check out this super awesome interview with him.

Interview: Robert Wunsch
Video: Alex Schiller
A Production

-Via Ulamonge

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Sepe in Poland

See more here Fresh Stuff From Sepe in Poland | Wooster Collective.



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Portlandia Spoofs Performance Art

Portlandia is one of my favorite TV shows. While other character based shows (enter Kroll Show) are based on over-trodden stereotypes and tired generalizations, Portlandia seems to give real insight into culture. Especially young and hip culture. I just can’t get enough really.

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Runyon Canyon Graffiti at Sunset

Some new photos for you guys after a nice walk about. Remember.. part of the new deal, I post more – you share more! Got it?

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Stylus + Wooster

The video is from Urban Projects and was found on Wooster Collective. Congratulations to Wooster and 10 great years of blogging. May there be 10 more.

-Via Wooster

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Blog Highlight: A Walk With My Camera


Street Artist JR would be proud of one of my favorite blogs- A Walk With My Camera.  Photography in it’s own right can be a narrative tool just as any other art is. Because photography is such a small window into the reality of a world, the person looking through the lens often finds themselves faced with the idea that the images they shoot may not accurately reflect the reality of what they shoot. They are our guide into this new world, into this small little window of time. A true photographer is an artist at portraying and understanding the truth in their photographs.

This blog, I believe, does just that.

via  A Walk With My Camera.

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HOAX: Banksy arrested in London on vandalism charges, identity revealed

Banksy arrested in London on vandalism charges, identity revealed [UPDATES] | Death and Taxes

Well that turned out to be interesting. After seeing my Facebook and Twitter blow up with people saying that the real Banksy had been unmasked as a Mr. Paul William Horner of Bristol, England, it appears the whole entire thing was a hoax.

The culprit? A website called PR Log – the story has since been removed. Jezebel wrote about it, Business Insider (??) covered it, twas all over Reddit  and the Daily Dot. 

So it seems as if this entire thing was made up. That or Bansky is such a genius that he pulled one over on us and actually did get arrested, his name is Paul Horner, and he planted the story of it being a hoax because he knew no one would believe the truth. Do you really want to know who Banksy is? I am pretty comfortable not knowing.

via HOAX: Banksy arrested in London on vandalism charges, identity revealed.

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Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?

Cat Cult

A very interesting piece on Melrose and Fairfax about two LA products, Cat Cult and Odd Future. Originally written in LA Weekly, Cat Cult sent a cease and-desist letter to the popular group Odd Future for using their art.

Pictured above the lead artist, Tyler the Creator, wore this  t-shirt in a music video which many people thought naturally was the Cat Cult symbol~ a big deal in the Los Angeles area. But Cat Cult doesn’t sell t-shirts and thus sent the cease-and-desist letter. The letter was promptly ignored.

What do you guys thing? Beyond that, does the nature of street art change the idea of image rights / intellectual property?

I think this would be fine as long as Odd Future followed a few basic conditions. Tylor would have to either have made the t-shirt himself or have a friend make it, the group would acknowledged Cat Cult, and they must have had no plans to sell it for merchandising.  Without acknowledgement of Cat Cult, I am not sure if any of those are being followed. Link below and if you don’t know Odd Future a music video to boot.

MELROSEandFAIRFAX: Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?

via Did Odd Future Rip Off Cat Cult?.

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Dog Picture of the Day

So a peak into my private life and what has been keeping me so busy recently. My dog, his name is Shady and I couldn’t upload just one picture.. I would recommend clicking on the gallery for the big photos.

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One New Banksy Video


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