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St. Leo Bolt


And the award for excellence in advertising goes to.. PUMA.

For followers of the blog you know I am usually against most adverts.. in fact you would be hard pressed to find an advertisement I have said I like. But I dig Usain St. Leo Bolt and I dig this giant poster by Puma. Sue Me.

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BB goes BA




20120725-213120.jpgNot sure if ME52 is a name of an artist.. or short for Marketing Experiment 52. On one hand I love Breaking Bad, I would love it if this was fan art. But if this is marketing ploy produced by AMC- well that sort of defeats the purpose of street art doesn’t it. Yes it works as an advert, but it sets a dangerous precedent of companies using street art as a mode to advertise.

This could be a statement about meth as a drug- and not Breaking Bad at all- but really here is no way to know. Either way it is hard for me to hate on Heisenburg. Bad ass.  What are your thoughts? Comment and subscribe

Oh and don’t forget about out Olympic contest! 


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Some new c215 found on VNA. Don’t forget to check out our Olympics Contest. 

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